A downloadable game

A relaxing puzzle-platformer of which key element is light and darkness.

Currently in alpha.

Most recent changelog:


Changelog v.

-Added better sprites

-Added light flickering

-Added doors and levers that can connect

-Added signs that output text

-Made a first draft of a simple tutorial level

-Removed the ability to fire flares in the first level

-Added debug key to give yourself more flares (Currently the "F"-Key)




-More flare types!

-More levels!

-Character and prop sprites!

-A proper compile without the splash!

-Main menu

-Saving and loading (working with .ini files D:)

-Polish and juice (the sign text should smoothly blend in, the transitions between rooms should be smoother, etc. etc.)

Install instructions

Extract all contents of the .zip into a folder.


flare- 2 MB